Undergraduate Students

NameYear GraduationCurrent Position (if known)
Ryan Kim2025Harvard Student
William G. Grant2024Harvard Student
Matthew Dickey2024Harvard Student
Anthony Rincon2024Harvard Student
Jessica Leff2023Harvard Student
Mohammed Abuelem2023Harvard Student
Jennifer Wang2022MD Candidate, Chicago Medical School
Fredericka Lucas2022Harvard Business School
Anna Victoria Serbin2022
Ifedayo Omotunde2021Business Development Analyst, Cognito Therapeutics, Inc., MA
Matt Mardo2021Novartis Institute for BioMedical Research
Ray Jiang2021Harvard Student
Shawn Barrett2021SONY, Talent Acquisition Specialist & Market Research Analyst
Taylor Shirtliff-Hinds2021University of Oxford, UK
Samantha Shao2020Research Assoc., ADARx Pharmaceuticals, CA
Maria de Leon2020
Daniel Ragheb2020Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, TN
Yanni Cho2020Bain & Company
Claudia Hyun2020Analyst, Clearview Healthcare Partners, LA, CA
Ellie Underwood2019Research Assoc., Boston Children’s (MD Candidate as of 2021)
Bluye Demessie2019MD/PhD Candidate, Albert Einstein School of Medicine
Alexi Gosset2019
Arlesia McGowan2019Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Officer, Couri Hay Creative PR
Emma He2019Generalist, DE Shaw Research, NY
Erin Lockhart2018
Koya Osada2018MD Candidate, Harvard Medical School
Phong Nguyen2018Healthcare consulting
Wynne Stagnaro2018Research Tech at Champalimaud Foundation
Ana Castro2017Research Assist., RA Capital Management, Boston MA
Yi Zhang2017
Christopher Chen2017
Allyson Covello2016MD Candidate, New York University School of Medicine
Ethan Glasserman2015Psychological Trainee, Berkeley Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Clinic
Kimberly Schaefer2015MD/MPP Candidate, HMS/Harvard Kennedy School
Nicholas Lee2015Computational Science Developer, Cold Springs Harbor, NY
Yael Stovetsky2015
Robert Krabek2014Software Engineer, Microsoft
Sophie Roh2013MD Candidate, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Eric Lin2012MD, Veteran’s Affairs, Boston
Yingna Liu2012MD/MBA Candidate, Duke School of Med/Harvard Business School
Elizabeth Zhang2010Associate, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP
Mimmie Kwong2010Vascular Surgeon, UC Davis Sacramento, CA
Susan DeWolf2010MD, Sloan Kettering Institute